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Musical Theater

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Competitive Dance Teams

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Homeschool Programs

Students will be placed in a class according to their level in dance,not necessarily by their age.
Although we may place a child in a class using his/her age as a guide at first,
we will determine if the class is proper for the individual and make necessary changes if needed.


Fees That You Will Incur During The Dance Season:


Annual/Non-Refundable Registration Fee $20.00/Student


Monthly Tuition...See Tuition Chart


Costume Fee(s)...Apx. $85.00-$95.00

Per Student/Per Class

(Competition Teams and Combo Classes may have two costumes)


Dance Shoes (Revolution Brand)

$28.00 Beginner Tap Shoes with Buckles

$35.00 Int./Adv. Slip-on Tap Shoes

$28.00 Split-Sole Ballet Slippers

$35.00 Split-Sole Jazz Shoes

$39.00 Hip Hop Sequin Sneakers

$20.00 Sole Shields (Foot Undeez)


Dance Tights...$9.00/Pair (Footed/Footless Tights)

$12.00 (Convertible Tights)


Recital Fee...$65.00/Immediate Family


Recital Pictures and Recital DVDs will be available for purchase.



MVDA Tuition


Duration of Classes/Week

Monthly Tuition


45 Minute Group Class

1 Hour Group Class





30 Minute/Solo Private

30 Minute/Duet Private

30 Minute/Trio Private


$70.00 (per student)

$60.00 (per student)


45 Minute/Solo Private



1 Hour/Solo Private

 1 Hour/Duet Private

 1 Hour/Trio Private


$140.00 (per student)

$120.00 (per student)


Family Unlimited Plan

(Excludes Private / Semi-Private Classes and Competition Dance Teams) 



MVDA Competition Dance Teams 

Call For Pricing

Adult Classes

50% Off  Regular Class Rates When Child is Enrolled at MVDA



Prices listed above reflect our tuition fees if you are enrolled in our auto-pay system. If you are not enrolled in auto-pay, there is an additional $10.00/month charge per family.



*A 10% discount on group classes will be given for families taking 2 or more classes per week.
(Excludes Unlimited Family Plan, Private Classes and Open Studio)

*Private and semi-private classes will be limited.



Preschool / Ages 3-4 years

Kinder Kids / Ages 5-6 years

 Juniors / 7-9 years

Pre-Teen / 10-12 years

Teens (Seniors) / 13-17 years

Adults / 18+