Miami Valley Dance Academy

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Miami Valley Dance Academy Student Policy


Class Behavior

Students are expected to behave appropriately during all dance classes and functions. Students are also expected to listen to the instructor, follow directions at all times and maintain a quiet noise level in the studio. Excessive talking will not be tolerated.

Instructor has the right to dismiss any student if she feels the student is disrupting the class by any means. If the parent is present, the instructor will explain the child's actions. If the parent is not present, the child will remain in the waiting area until the parent arrives.

No food, soda, gum or candy will be allowed in the dance area.

Students should bring a water bottle to class.


Class Attendance

Students are expected to be present for every class.

Attendance will be recorded. If a student is absent for three or more consecutive weeks without notification, a staff member will notify the student's parent(s) by a telephone call, email or by a letter in the mail. Excessive absences may result in the student being dismissed from the class. Make-up classes will not be offered for personal absences.


MVDA Tuition Policy

Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month. Your tuition is based on an annual fee that is broken up into 10 payments. You will not receive a monthly bill. All payments received after the 10th of each month will result in a $10.00 late fee.  A $20 return check fee will be charged for any returned checks. Our auto-pay system is suggested for all families. If you choose to opt out of auto-pay, a $10.00 monthly charge/per family will be applied to your account.

We require a credit/debit card to be on file. If you prefer to pay by another method, you may do so before the 1st of the month. All students with unpaid fees (including registration fees, monthly tuition, costume fees, recital fees, etc.) after the due date will be charged using the method we have on file. Tuition remains the same whether it is a long or short month.

Joining, Dropping or Changing Classes Mid-Month


Joining a Class Mid-Month

A student may join a class already in session as long as there is room in the class. Tuition will be prorated.


Dropping/Missed Classes

There are no refunds or credits for missed classes or for dropping classes. If you wish to drop the class for the next month, simply tell the office staff prior to the end of the current month. Once the month begins, you are responsible for the entire month’s tuition. This is regardless of attendance. There is a medical exception (see below).


Medical reasons for dropping a class: Medical situations supported by a written and signed acknowledgement from a licensed medical practitioner will allow us to extend a credit on your account, prorated from the date we receive the medical acknowledgment.


Changing a Class Mid-Month: Changing a class mid-month is allowed as long as there is room in the class.


Studio Closings

In the event of extremely bad weather (i.e. snow, threatening thunderstorms, etc.), classes will be canceled. When Springboro Schools are closed due to bad weather, the studio will also be closed. A schedule of studio closings will be posted at the studio. You can always check the home page on our website ( for special announcements and closings.


Dress Code for Girls


Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Lyrical Class:

Solid black leotard with pink  tights.

Appropriate dance shoes (Revolution brand-available @ studio...see list below)

Hair in a bun


Hip Hop, Cheer and Tumbling Students:

T-shirt or leotard with shorts and appropriate shoes (see list below)

Please keep hair pulled back and secured for class.



No jewelry except for starter earrings.


Dress Code for Boys:

Preferably dance pants. We will also allow shorts or sweats.

Fitted white or black T-shirt or tank

Appropriate shoes (see list below)



All students are responsible for purchasing their own dance shoes. Shoes need to be kept in good condition in order for them to be worn in the recital. For your convenience, you may order discounted used dance shoes at the studio.


All Shoes Need to Be Revolution Brand-Available @ Studio


Children's Tap-Tan tap shoes with buckles (2½ -7 yrs.)


Intermediate/Advanced Tap- Tan, slip-on tap shoes (8+ yrs.)


Ballet- European pink (split-soled)


Pointe- European pink…must be professionally fitted at a dance shop


Jazz- Tan, slip-on jazz shoes


Ballet/Jazz Combination Classes- Tan, slip-on jazz shoes


Lyrical, Contemporary and Modern-Tan Foot Undeez, Toe-Kinis or Turners (please ask instructor or staff member)


Hip-Hop-Revolution Sequin Hip Hop Sneaker (Color TBD for recital). Regular light soled tennis shoes are fine for weekly practices.




Tumbling-Barefoot or tumbling shoes


Students must abide by this dress code to participate in the class.


Recital (Costumes and Recital Fees)

At the end of the season, a recital will be held in May (the weekend before or after Memorial Day weekend / Location TBA). We will be ordering recital costumes in November. Students are responsible to purchase their own recital costumes. Each class will have at least one costume. Combination classes may have two costumes. Costume prices usually range between $85.00-$95.00 each.

There will be a $65.00 recital fee per student (due by March 10th) to help cover the costs that are involved in putting on a recital. Tickets will NOT be sold. We will have an open attendance policy so all family members and friends who wish may attend.

Videotaping and photography will only be allowed during the dress rehearsal. A professionally edited DVD will be available to purchase at a minimal cost.


Class Observation

Parents may monitor classes through our viewing windows.