Miami Valley Dance Academy

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Our 23rd Annual Dance Recital is coming up!

We hope everyone is getting excited!
The show is scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at the

Masonic Center in Downtown Dayton.
We will be holding 2 shows…

12:00 and 5:00 pm.

Dress Rehearsal

We will have a mandatory dress rehearsal on Saturday, May 18th.

All students in the 12:00 performance on Sunday will need to be seated in the auditorium at

9:30 AM on Saturday for rehearsal.

All students in the 5:00 performance on Sunday will need to be in the auditorium no later than 12:30 PM on Saturday.

Students will be free to leave after their class rehearses their routine(s).


Click Here To View Recital Line-Up


We will be skipping our competition team routines at rehearsal to help things move quickly.  The skipped routines will be highlighted in yellow on our recital line-up.

We will need one DANCE MOM per class to help with getting the students gathered and directed to the check-in area backstage.
The DANCE MOM will get to watch the class perform from the stage wings.

The DANCE MOM will also be responsible for getting the class lined up in the proper order to walk on stage. Directions/line-up will be given.
After the routine is finished, the DANCE MOM will lead the dancers through the tunnel and back to the dressing room.
We will have one large dressing area near the stage.

The assigned DANCE MOMS will be wearing badges.

If you would like to be a DANCE MOM, please sign up at the front desk. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Students must arrive in full make-up for rehearsal.
Full make-up means foundation, red blush, powder, red lipstick, neutral (browns) eyeshadow, black mascara and black eyeliner.
This may seem a little much for the younger children but the stage lights will really wash them out if they are not wearing it.

Students need to come dressed in their first costume. It is very important to know how your child's class will be wearing their hair for each routine.
Unless told differently by your child's instructor, Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary/Jazz/Tap students need to be wearing buns (right above the center of the back of their head).
Hip Hop in ponytail.

Some costumes have extra hair pieces included. Please ask your child's instructor about any extra accessories.

Groups need to be lined up backstage 8 routines before their performance.  Helpful instructions will be posted to keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

Students will enter the stage from the dressing area ONLY.  Students will be permitted to sit in the auditorium and watch the performance during the dress rehearsal and show with their costumes covered. talking or movement in the auditorium during a routine. This is very disruptive to the dancers on stage and to the audience. Please wait until the song ends to enter or exit the auditorium.

There is absolutely no food or drink permitted in the auditorium.



All students need to arrive at the theater in their first costume (with a cover-up) one hour before their show starts.

Again, costumes need to be covered up in the auditorium and front lobby.  

Recital Costumes

Recital costumes and tights have arrived and will be handed out after Spring Break. Some costumes are on backorder and are expected to ship soon. Costumes with pants may need to be hemmed or cut. Please be prepared to make any necessary adjustments.

Dance Shoes

It is important to have your dance shoes looking good for the recital. Please make sure you have the right color and style of shoes for each routine.
If you are not sure, please ask your child’s instructor or see Falecia at the office desk.  

Shoe orders are placed every Friday and will arrive the following week.

Recital Pictures

Recital pictures will be taken by The Rogers Photography at our studio the week of

May 6th during regular scheduled class times. Photos will be available to view and order online.


Recital Video/DVD

Videotaping and flash photography during the recital is strictly prohibited. You will be permitted to take pictures during the dress rehearsal only.

A professionally edited DVD of the recital will be available to purchase. Digital downloads will also be available.


Click Here To Order Your Recital DVD



All students will perform one final dance on stage together and will receive their annual award at the end of each show.


Recital T-Shirts

We are now taking orders for MVDA Recital T-shirts.

Orders will arrive before the recital and can be used as a costume cover-up if ordered in a large size.


Order Now at the Studio’s Front Desk...Pay Later!





Brenda's Flowers

will be at our recital again selling flowers and gifts.

Prices will range from $2.00-$30.00.


The Studio will be Closed for Spring Break March 25th-29th.

Last Day of Classes is Thursday, May 16th.

All outstanding balances must be paid by May 10th.

Please check your account at the front desk.

Balances will be charged to the credit/debit card on file on May 15th.

An email will be sent out when Recital Pictures and DVDs are available to pick up at the studio.



Thank You So Much For a Great Season!

We hope our 23rd Annual Dance Recital is a huge success and a memorable event for all!
If you have any questions, please call 937.748.6832 or email us at

Parents…Thank you so much for your loyalty to MVDA and for allowing your children to experience the Art of Dance!

Holly Cockerham and Staff

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We have so much in store for our dancers this summer and next season!

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MVDA Competition Dance Team

Open Auditions…Tuesday June 4th at 5:30 PM


Auditions…Tuesday June 4th at 5:30 PM